Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cabe Herbal, medicine Madurese

Traditional medicine is very popular for people in Indonesia. Since time immemorial, the people of Indonesia already use the plant as medicine. Utilization of plant intensively carried out to be able to find natural or herbal medications. Because of the many negative effects that many drugs from chemicals. For this reason the bio, to conserve medicinal plants.
Each region in Indonesia has potential for a variety of medicinal plants. As well as on the island of Madura which had the chili herbal medicinal plants, better known in Madurese chili Solak. Chili that is different from the one used to make chili sauce. Many of us who do not know what it was chili herbs and how its shape. This herbal medicine is still relative chili with pepper and betel-sirihan. Shaped grains elongated with a length varying from 2-3 cm and has a spicy sweet flavor. Chili herbs can be grown on land 0-600 meters altitude above the sea level, and fit in a sandy loam soil, with loose soil structure and well drained. The plant has the advantage to grow in rocky dry land. So this fits chili herb is widespread on the island of Madura, particularly in Sumenep. So chilli herbs Madurese are known for excellent quality and best categorized as herbal plant in East Java.
Utilization of these herbs chilies have been done a long time due to a variety of benefits contained therein. Starting from pharmacological effects, to improve blood circulation and relieve pain, upset stomach, colds, beri-beri, rheumatism, low blood pressure, cholera, influenza, and headache, and shortness of breath. In Chinese pharmacology called this plant has a bitter taste, spicy and warm.
The benefits are so many that are used as a traditional medicine the easy way of processing. Start by simply cutting, mashing, boiling, filter and drink it, we can already feel the manfatnya for our health.
Taste of chilli herb spicy sweet syrup can be made that kids love to be able to cure common colds suffered by children. With a little extra other medicinal plants, herbs chili will be able to cure various diseases. As for curing digestion is impaired, we can grind dried herbs and chillies add the honey. Or by adding ginger to chili crushed herbs that can cure liver disease. If to relieve stomach cramps, we can grind herbs and brewed three chili with a glass of water and drink it immediately.
Easy way in processing that makes chili is very popular herbal traditional medicines made both in Madura alone or in other areas in Indonesia. Easy to find this plant in Madura so well in managing it as a potential drug that could bring the original Madura Madura names in the potential field of medicine.